Bake Off – Their Way
So, now – the end is near, the time is here to watch the last one.
Crumbs, there’s been a few and lots of dough has been a-proving.
Mel and Sue have laughed, and Paul has scowled and Mary’s loved good pastry.
Oh yes, we’ll miss it so but after all, they did it their way
(well, Mary and Paul’s in the technical challenge but you know what I mean!).

Hmmm if only my baking was better than my song composing! And I promise my blog won’t ever be political or even particularly filled with current affairs, but I feel this curr’a’nt affair is worthy of a post as it’s embedded in the hearts of our wonderful country. (Plus I have some delicious designs that totally fit the theme and want to show off!).

So, who else is with me in getting a bit upset that the final Bake Off of the series? Definitely the last in its current form is nearly here and gone!

Who will take the crown? In my head it’s Candice – she’s been fairly consistent, a queen of flavours and has been adventurous which has paid off most of the time. In my heart though, Jane has always been good, bar one bad week, is such a sweet person and I bet most of her bakes taste amazing. And Andrew – he’s probably had the biggest ‘journey’ of the three finalists, some corkers of weeks, some stinkers, but he always pulls it back and is a real contender!

In (vanilla) essence, it could be any of them. Whoever shines brightest tonight will take the golden spatula and the baking fame the Bake Off champion can command. And I truly think any of them deserves it.

So, at 8pm tonight, I’ll be sitting down with the family, maybe with a few Jaffa Cakes as company for the last slice. Let’s hope it’s a fabulous showstopper!