Dark Opulence & Glam Boho Rock – 21.01.17

A very belated Happy New Year! Saying that with 10 days left of January feels a bit overdue, but it’s taken me a while to get back in the swing of creative things after a busy festive period. But the wonderful Winter School from www.makeitiindesign.com has got my creative juices flowing again and the start of Winter School was just the kickstart I needed to put pen to paper again and colour on to artboard!

I signed up to 2 tracks this time, intermediate and advanced, which means 2 creative briefs for the first fortnight and 2 for the second, with 4 fun creative challenges thrown in over the month! Access to forward looking trends meant we were designing using some rich, dark and deep colours, some I would never dream of using in my own work but that’s the beauty of Winter School – pushing boundaries and creative limits and working outside your comfort zone. And I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Intermediate brief was around the Dark Opulent Veils trend – think delicate lace, layering, leaves, ferns, florals and floating in misty darkness. My end result gives me the impression of a misty lake, with colourful lily pads and reeds and ferns lurking under the water’s surface and a delicate dragonfly skimming on the breeze.

The advanced brief was altogether different – glamorous, boho chic with a rock edge! Glitter and gold, paisleys and swirls, stripes and flashes of lightning – in my pattern at least! On mine,you have to imagine the gold circles are sequins (I am not proficient enough in photoshop to add this texture for real yet) and the lightning bolts are reminiscent of Bowie – totally unintentional but the colour palette was bold, rich colours and again ones I would overlook in favour of pinks and teals! But I love my ‘album-cover-esque piece and added some typography (after my submission as my internet was not being kind to me and I could’t risk not submitting it on time!) to make it purely Rock Chick!


Monday brings 2 new creative briefs and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead! It’s a bust week personally as I celebrate a a bit of a milestone birthday – but am hoping that will provide lots of inspiration too and I’ll get snippets of time to doodle and sketch!