On the books with Hallmark – 22.12.16

A bit of a quick post, in between wrapping, washing and general running around like a lunatic preparing for the 25th.

But wanted to share a glimpse at some new designs and plans for 2017. As part of the wonderful Make it in Design module 3 that I took recently, we got to submit our designer profile to Hallmark and Tigerprint – giants in the greeting card, stationery and giftware industry. No pressure then! My own favourite 10 designs from the last few months and a whole load of blurb about myself are now sat on a database of other designers, with the potential to be contacted by the company should they like our stuff. Fingers are firmly crossed and it’s been a fab opportunity to even get a toe through their door so am proud of getting that far.

We also submitted to a live brief – to design a set of 6 contemporary greetings cards for women, picking a theme and adding ideas for giftware, bags and other accessories. I chose a ‘celebration’ theme and added icons of the way people like to celebrate. Balloons, fizz, bubbles, streamers, cocktails and glitter balls all featured in mine and you can see a peak here – it’s a screenshot for now, but in the new year, when I’ve spruced them up, added a few more, I’ll be selling these designs on my Etsy shop to add to my existing range.


I’m aiming to squeeze in a ‘reflective post of 2016’ blog post before December makes way for 2017, so am signing off for now. Back to my list of a Post Office run, 2nd supermarket visit of no doubt many and then tonight have a hot date with some Mulled Wine, Love Actually and a mountain of wrapping paper!!