For the past few months, I’ve been embarking on a bit of a new and exciting creative adventure. After quite some time, I’ve gone back to studying to learn new skills, develop old ones and nurture my love for all things pattern! And I LOVE IT! And I’d love to share this journey, my new designs and some new products.


I guess you could call me a Frustrated Creative! Studying Art at A level, I loved both the practical and the history and philosophy of Art and studying different genres. I loved creating something that started as a seed of an idea in my head in a physical, practical piece, adapting and refining along the way, and something that people would say ‘I like that’! I guess I just loved to  create. I always had sketchbooks, pencils and an art box to hand. But then, foolishly, I didn’t pursue this into further study.  Whilst it was my favourite subject, how many times did I hear the words ‘what job will you get with an Art degree’? Back when I was 18, you listen to advice, sometimes ignore it but I didn’t and studied Sports Science at degree level instead. Oh, oh, oh how many times I’ve said now, that if I was 18 again I’d give myself a really good talking to!

And then I worked for a Telecoms company – a natural progression, right? Nope. Not really. However, I did work in one of the creative areas of a corporate company, putting my creative stamps into copywriting, magazine editing, intranet site design and other ‘fluffy stuff’ that certainly wasn’t anything to do with phones!

Two kids and a small handmade business later, and I love that my creativity has an outlet. Late nights – yes. Mess, glitter and more mess around the house – yes. Making up orders whilst kids nap – yes. Making up orders whilst kids watch TV when they dropped their naps – yes. Making cards & gifts that people say ‘ah I love this’ – yeeeeees! And that’s my favourite bit.

With both children at school, I took the leap in January to start a design course with the wonderful The Art & Business of Surface Pattern design, which is fronted by the wonderfully talented and inspirational Rachael Taylor. Now on Module 3, I’ve learnt how to use computer design packages I’d only heard of before, filled lots and lots of sketchbooks, bought a whole load of nice shiny new pens (thick ones, think ones, black ones, metallic ones gorgeously coloured one – and boxes to keep them in that the kids definitely aren’t allowed near) and created lots of patterns, responded to creative briefs and submitted designs into competitions. Oh and just WON my first one! My ‘Mediterranean Crush’ design, won the Fashion Formula weekly content in September, and I’m waiting to receive my prize of that design on fabric. Whoop!

My dreamy dream is to launch my own range of stationery products, see my designs on wrapping paper, have my cards stocked in one of my favourite high street stores and hear people say ‘ah, I love this’ a bit more! Some of that is a bit far off, but some of it is in progress, having my first batch of designs printed on to greetings cards that are now available on my Etsy shop.

And now I’ve started a blog! Me, a blogger! It’s mainly a place to display some of my designs whilst I work on getting my design website together, purely dedicated to my patterns and designs – possibly under a different name, possibly under my own name. I’m not sure yet but I’m getting there and the course is teaching me so much that my head is constantly filled to the brim of new and fun stuff.

So, I’ll sign off. I have some tea towels and gift wrap to design for last week’s tasks! I’ll add some of my recent designs and then add some more and see where we go!